Christophe Coineau,
accordionist and owner of “Grand Hotel de Roubaix”.
Discover a lot of recordings on You-Tube!
My name is Polina and  I live in Moscow.

I’m a winner of the contest of young classic music players.  Christophe and Pieter invited me several times to stay in their hotel.  To thank them I play for you this melody.

Kind regards, Polina

Nikolaï from Moscow.
Nikolaï kosurieff, is a first prize winner of the competition of young musicians of classical music in Paris .  
Spanish guests performing in Hôtel de Roubaix.
Pieter, Christophe’s Belgian partner.
Pieter decorates the hotel and sings for guests of “Wikinger reisen Deutschland”.
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A pianist from the opera of Buenos-Aires chose Gd. Hôtel de Roubaix because a piano is available.

Young Korean musician ! 

Pianist plays “Take five” .