A hotel since 1861!

Today it is Christophe Coineau who is in charge of the hotel.
He is proud to continue the family tradition of hospitality, while continuing his career as a musician.

He is a renowned accordionist, specialized in the music of Limousin folklore; besides if there is a piano on the ground floor of the Hotel de Roubaix, it is not a coincidence!
His Belgian friend Pieter is in charge of the decoration of the hotel. Very atypical decoration. Since it is a very old building, the configuration of the rooms may differ from one to the other. The atmosphere is a mixture of old French style, comic strip with a large color palette. Each room has a decoration like no other!


Mr & Mrs Coineau

Mrs Coineau & Christophe

Mrs Coineau & Christophe

Mrs Coineau & Christophe

Christophe Coineau

Mr. and Mrs. Coineau bought this hotel in 1967.
Mr. Coineau remembers :

“It was not obvious at first.  The hotel didn’t have any bathrooms.  With the help of my wife, we were here doing the majority of the work ourselves – a titan work!
Gradually, the hotel has modernized and found a loyal clientele. ”

“We have many customers who have been coming here for 30 years, most of them who tell us that the Hôtel de Roubaix has become their pied-à-terre in Paris.
The staff is also very loyal, some of them have work with us since the 80’s.”